Validated in vitro techniques at the service of our clients

Vivexia boasts a solid expertise in the field of microbiology. Our biobank is constantly evolving, bringing together a large number of well-characterized bacterial isolates (reference or clinical strains) that display a broad range of genotypic and phenotypic profiles. We work in close collaboration with reference centers and hospital laboratories. Other in vitro services are also available.


Vivexia has developed a wide range of services that are essential to the in vitro evaluation of your anti-infective compounds and to the characterization of their pharmacokinetics:

  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations (MIC) (macrodilution, microdilution, agar diffusion, Etest), Minimum Bactericidal Concentrations (MBC) – in accordance with current official recommendations (CLSI / EUCAST / BSAC)
  • Time-kill curves
  • Post-Antibiotic Effect (PAE)
  • Mutant Prevention Concentration (MPC)
  • Fractional Inhibitory Concentration (FIC) index (measurement of synergic, adverse or additive effects)
  • Microbiological analyses on various biological samples:
    • Determination of the bacterial load in the blood, lungs, kidneys, spleen, liver, bones, skin, cerebrospinal fluid, peritoneal fluid, urine, faeces (digestive decontamination or growth of particular bacterial populations)…
    • Detection of resistant mutants
    • Titration of bacteriophages
  • Quantification of the bacterial biofilm and evaluation of the anti-biofilm potential of compounds.
  • Production of standardized batches of bacterial cultures (aerobic or anaerobic species/microbiota), yeasts, dermatophytes
  • Bacterial identification by MALDI-TOF-MS
  • Determination of antibiotic concentrations in biological serum and fluids using different techniques (microbiological dosages, HPLC/MS-MS, immuno-analyses etc.)
  • Determination of plasma protein binding
Microbiologie Microbiologie

Other in vitro services

  • ELISA (quantification of cytokines) / Multiplex
  • Flow cytometry
  • Ex vivo isolation of immune cells
  • Hematologic analysis
  • Biochemical analysis
  • Histological analysis, immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy